Family Circle Memories

Making a family memory I'm getting ready for a little trip here in Georgia.  So I have the usual feelings of already "missing" my family before I leave.  Kids are in bed, fast asleep and I am all packed ready for a long drive.

This is a little picture my then seven year old son made on his birthday showing how we were having a good time with his then three year old brother a few minutes before.  He wanted to remember the moment, and I wanted to remember the image he created as well celebrating the love surrounding him that day.  When I feel like I do now, I pull it out and look at these types of good memories long past.

As Scott Bourne said in a recent speech, photographers are the guardians of all our memories.  After an event fades away, the photos are often the only physical memory we'll be able to keep when the other trappings are long gone.  So take the photos, and make each one the best you can!


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Frames and Lines

[slideshow] I went out with the family and my brother's family to the park with the children.  We had just enjoyed several displays (with live examples) about our local reptiles, and I memorized the colors on the Copperhead trapped nicely in the display in front of me.  I just do not like those Copperheads since they come too close to the house for their own good health.

The kids were extremely excited when we turned them loose not the park outside the nature exhibit.  I need to get some practice in on technique.  So today I decided to hone my skills of framing a picture with the environment I'm shooting in with the lines around my subjects.

As Kevin climbed up a slide I knew I could use the slide to aim you up at his face and mischievious grin.  Then he switched to the cargo net.  I quickly crouched down to use the wood and ropes to frame him in.  Kalen tried to do the money rings, and I found converging lines to use in framing his actions.  JuliaRose was jumping on the bridge.  I used the posts to framer her in mid jump.  With her feet bent up she shows there is no floor to box in the shot.  I also wanted to see how Julia's hair would dance around as she jumped.  So there were two goals in the shot.  As with all shots with competing goals...they usually don't completely satisfy both objectives.

Well it felt good to get a little creative today, and practice skills rather than just dream about it!

"Don't take pictures, Make Pictures"...Scott Bourne