Some fresh hot nuts!

20140205-221950.jpg New York has thousands of these street vendors across the city. One of my buddies really enjoys his fresh hot nuts...he likes cashews..but you could get peanuts and almonds too....

This night was very cold...and so when I saw the red in the photograph I thought I was seeing things. I was cold, but the photo seemed hot. Why?

Well the answer was one of those huge neon signs was active on the far side of the street. For just a brief moment it was on full red and helped make the hot nuts look red hot!


A little flavor of New York

20140203-211622.jpg A quick shot of some very tasty tropic juices at a very nice hot dog shack. I went for the mango that day and two hot dogs! One chili and one with cole slaw!

The restaurant would make an really ice photo shoot for an hour or so. The colors were fantastic and the place was super clean...and the chrome was as you can see very nice and shiny!


Dinner with my sweetie!

20131221-083309.jpg Went to diner with my sweetie last night, sans kiddos. Of course we talked all about them though!

Lovely evening and some nice adult talk...of course about the family! After working for almost three weeks straight it was nice to have a short break, even if the holiday tidings are forcing me to figure out what I need to do next right away!

Nice restaurant...Chicago's in East Cobb County off Shallowford Road. My wife loved the menu, even with her restricted diet. The nicest thing was she said, "that was like a normal meal!" With her food allergies, it was great to see her enjoy herself. I'd recommend it if you are in the area.

-ehw P.S. This is an iPhone5s photo....edited in Snapseed on my iPad.

Market Time

20131210-074722.jpg The only time I've had to shoot is when I got to run out of the building to grab something to eat. Crazy hours the last week...great learning opportunities but CRAZY hours! Good company though, as made some good friends for the future here in Seattle.

Ok so the first shot is as we approached the downtown Farmer's Market. The closing is what I snagged for breakfast one cold morning. It was pretty darn!

I must say Seattle is an interesting city downtown from what I've been able to see. Not take that with a grain of salt because I am not a city person, and this entire environment might as well be the far side of the moon to me!

My biggest beef is that I am not really comfortable shooting. First I am in someplace new and strange to me. Second I only get seconds to snag a shot because we have to get back to the office. So everything is supper rushed, and really is almost like I was running and snagging shots in a complex and hot news scene.

As with all my travel photography I'm processing in Snapseed with a few of my favorite presets. I still enjoy the program and the ability to get something nice well under my two minute processing rule. The photos are first from the X20 and second from the X-E1.