Photog Delight

Watches, Trinkets and More! Took a walk through Scenic Roswell, Georgia today with my wife and stopped by a very interesting store called Bilthouse.  It was very well designed, well from a photographers frame of mind.  The light was fantastic in there as well...

One of the displays held watches and trinkets galore.  So while my wife bought a gift for her parents (babysitting at home and giving us some date time), I just had to start photographing these little trinkets until I got one I liked!

Downtown Roswell is like this, lots of fancy little boutique stores.  So over time don't be surprised if you see some more captures downtown!


Bird Bath

Bird Bath in Chantilly, VA This was a fun shoot out with the children back with my then new Pentax K200D in 2009.  Ducks were just happy as a lark while we sat there sweating away in the August heat of Northern Virginia.

I wanted to include this photo for two reasons.  The first was something said by Brooks Jensen of a little while ago in a podcast.  He said a photo is an evolving piece of art.  Our technique and personalities change over time, our knowledge increases and tools change.  Since we have these incredible "negatives" to work with we have the opportunity to remake works into something more contemporary or "better" using those tools and knowledge over time.  That is exactly what I did here.  I took an image and updated with the knowledge I have now, to hopefully make it "better" than it was before.

Mr. Jensen's discussion of reflective visits to past work made me think about was how we as a society often get wrapped around the next new thing.  I'm feeling that right now...The D600 is on a wicked good sale for about 24 hours and its 24MP of full frame goodness and increased dynamic range are beckoning me like the Christmas star!  But do I need it?  Is it going to make me better...or do I still have lots to learn here with my Pentax K5.  I'd venture to say no it will not make me a better photographer...and the only thing it would do is give me more to learn!  Does my current gear limit me?  Well yes...and no.   I'd venture to say the biggest thing holding me back is the lack of attention I'm placing on learning from each frame and edit I make.  I should be applying those lessons to maximizing the potential of future shoots.  The limits of my camera are not the factor holding me back from making great images.  I am am the largest limiting factor.

So is the image above perfect?  Nope.  It is better than it was in 2009 though.  And I have a photo shoot coming up in a few hours that I need to apply a lesson in highlight control to...that is the lesson I need to apply today to a 10-12AM outdoor photo shoot!


PS  Lenswork is both a very nice website, and a highly reflective podcast available on iTunes.  Mr. Jensen is extremely good at making these podcasts meaningful to the development of the artist in you.  I also hear some very good life lessons coming from them on a regular basis.  I highly suggest you take the time to listen in.  You might become as hooked as I am!