Grand Central Station

20140130-222409.jpg Grand Central Station is an amazing sight to behold. Hustle, bustle, and still some elegance while it is at work. I think that is what I still like about it 20 years after my last visit to this landmark.

Wherever I go, whatever I do I think I find the best actions and places are the ones with elegance ingrained in their pursuit of a noble purpose. In this case, Grand Central is a vital transportation center. It gets people to and from this city on hundreds of train trips every day. Yet while doing this the building stands tall with beauty and grace. Its caretakers keep it gleaming and functional. I find deep enjoyment in both of those observations when I stand amidst all of it. I also sadly find that not enough of those ethics remain in many new stations, stadiums and transit stations who have planned obsolesce built into their core DNA...and their caretakers just seem to accelerate the process.

I hope my photo does justice to the grand station...and the people who keep her gleaming.

-ehw PS Fujifilm X-E1 with the 35mm At F1.4 to catch the light.

Two years of Joy!

I'm two! How fast can two years go?  For child number four, my precious Kellie Marie it is like a stroke of lightening across the sky.  Here are just a few highlights....

Thank you God for every minute I have with each of these incredible people you graced my family with, and charged me to care for.  I can only pray I am doing right by them, and get to do it for a lot longer before you call me home.




Halloween 2012

Kellie Marie's first birthday party!

15 Months!


Reading Assignment

Christmas Present and helping Mom

Happy New Years!

A few more for sale

Tuscon Morning for sale I added three photos to square market you might like...Tuscon Monsoon Morning (above), Roswell Bridge and the DC Tidal Basin.  You can purchase them on square market.  If you want them in a different format...or see anything else in my Smugmug portfolio you like please contact me so I can serve you!

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You'll also see some other gear I have up for sale there as well.  Some good gear not getting enough use.

As always 10% of the print profit goes to charity.


Fall Ball

Almost game time Everyone needs practice...and I mean everyone!  The boys on the field and Daddy behind the lens.  I'd been working out Mr Fuji for a while...and I almost forgot where my buttons were on Mr Pentax!

Today I'd like to make a pitch to really get to know your gear.  I know I've said that many times before, but I really mean it!  I'm looking for ways to reduce post processing time, and the best way to do that is getting the shot right in camera.  And oh by the way these cameras have a ton of features we can maximize and use if we so dare!

So today I worked on using high dynamic range and I actually played with the color settings.  Yep I took it off Neutral and played with the Dynamic setting with some curves thrown in.  Well worked pretty well, except a few were too dark from over contrast.

So get out there and enjoy the fall light!  It in an of itself is a wonderful thing to enjoy and play with!


PS Both with Pentax K-5 using the 60-250

Playing Catch

Patriot Day Honors

Patriot Day Honors This week we celebrated Patriot Day on 9/11.  It truly is one of those few days in modern history when the course of nations changed in a matter of hours.

In the middle of the week I found myself surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the home and work.  Coming home exhausted I still could not let myself ignore this opportunity to say thank you to those who served and protected us all these years.

This Patriot's Day I had some sadness, since the week before a friend from my Infantry Officer Basic in 1993 informed me how many of our instructors met their deaths in the wars since 9/11/01.  As we talked names and faces came back to me, and how they led us in our little adventures of learning in the red clay of Fort Benning, Georgia.

So on this weekend amidst the tumult of football games, children's activities, and counting pennies in this weak economy take a second to remember the fallen...remember those who serve and remember why we are all called to serve as well.


P.S. Fujifilm XE-1 with 18-55.  Pre-focused in the late afternoon light and shade.


Law Enforcement Memorial



20130828-155453.jpg On a recent trip I took the time to honor a few family and friends by visiting the National Law Enforcement memorial in Washington D.C. So many names...and unfortunately the number of names added each year accelerated each of the past few years. Let us pray that our collective discourse and conduct begins to rise up and help reduce the names added to this wall in the coming years.

-ehw P.S. This is an example of making the best of lunch hour shooting opportunity. The light was harsh and horrible for color shots, but by carefully watching the strength of the shadows and shade I tried to set the stage for a good black and white so I had something to remember the day.