Three Portraits

20130815-063902.jpg 20130814-180423.jpg


Up in Chicago I spent the last few days working on my portraits and marketing skills. One additional challenge I put before myself was to start asking people to pose for a portrait for me. In each portrait I wanted to try and start capturing a part of my subject's personality....and why they are such special people to God and me!

In the first photo you see my friend Richard. He was my table buddy during the group talks and we shared a few wonderful meals together. He is from Mayberry, NC..the real one. He and his loving wife worked hard for years as a husband/wife team in a two person law firm. Now he and his wife are retired...and he is now adventuring. I hope the photo reflects his wonderful, peaceful, calm and friendly personality.  I'll never forget the vegetable rolls he ordered the last night there!  Even when surprised he was so calm!

The second photo is Levi Sim; now of Portland, Oregon. I hope you see the energy in those eyes. He is a man of seemingly superman energy. Actually doesn't he look like Clark Kent?...well anyway the energy in those eyes is nourished by a wonderful wife and a little girl they are adopting. I loved seeing him well up over a child he loves so much...made me think of how I felt each of the four times a child entered my life. I hope you can see the joy in his life right there.

The final photo is of my friend Adrian. He and I were table buddies last year at Skip's. We renewed our friendship this week.  He is smart, direct, and one of the more encouraging people you'll ever meet. He is a U.S. citizen from Romania ... .and if he does not give you inspiration about taking a risk in a completely new land and starting with nothing no one will. He gave me help last year, and this year in the encouragement realm...thanks buddy.

Now I hope you enjoyed my little set of portraits. A little tip to the People of Calgary blog...he is inspirational at meeting and introducing interesting people up there...and one day I hope to add some more jock stories like this.

-ehw P.S. All with the fujifilm x-e1.  Edited in Snapseed while I waited for the airplane ride home.


20130813-223210.jpg Isabelle was a superstar for us in our portraiture class yesterday...she sings, dances, entertains and doesn't let happiness leave her heart. Lovely gal.

Well today in Bob Coates fine art class we do discussed finishing effects you can put into photos through applications such as photoshop, On One software and others to add to the artistry of the image. Did not take many photos, but I did learn how much more one can do if you want to take the photo beyond normal and evolve it into a hybrid art was almost overwhelming for a guy like me who doesn't know photoshop at all.

Well I took a few of those techniques and added them to the photo I took of Isabelle is already on her family web page...Dad threw it right I got one happy customer this week!

So thanks Bob for a wonderful eye opening day!


Portraits with Michele Celentano

20130813-073815.jpg Yesterday I had the joy of attending a class in formal portrait photography provided by Michele Celentano. Michele is a wonderful tea her who constantly through us into the fire...with a safety net. It was was wonderful.

The key lessons are simple, but the devil is in the details. Where I'm looking big picture she already was two steps ahead of me going into details. Not just any details but how a hand is laid down on a brother's shoulder, or if the whites of the eyes are too visible....these details are what makes her a master formal portrait artist.

I'd just like to say thank you to her for her dedication to the instruction yesterday. I'll be taking it home and putting it all to work as soon as I can so I don't forget the lessons learned....

More importantly I'll keep some of that passion for the craft she imprinted on me for a long time to come!

Call to vigilance!

20130810-224749.jpg Today I am starting a new adventure...I'm blessed to attend a three and half day photo workshop called Skip's Summer School in Chicago, Illinois (well really Oak Brook but we're close enough).

I got here exhausted, the real job kicking me me around a lot...but that is where the story begins.

I'm tired from work, I'm tired from noisy toddler making noises in here sleep down the hall, I'm tired because I'm not efficient enough or focused like I should be, I'm already missing my family and wondering if I am doing them right by being here. I wanted to feel sorry for myself, and I was tempted to say the walk over church would be too long. The Gospel today reminded me that I would be unwise to walk away from such a trivial challenge.

Throughout the bible story God provides opportunities for the vigilant to grow in wisdom and experience if we grasp those intangible moments.

Today's readings reminded us of a number of moments in time where vigilance was rewarded: Passover's short notice to leave our old world behind, Abraham's challenge to leave all behind, Abraham welcoming strangers with kindness...who turn out to be the Lord's messengers, the God fearing men and women who did not know Jesus but followed the wisdom they had, and finally the parable from Christ himself telling us directly that we will never know the hour of our final test of faith.

So instead of thinking woe to me, I must actually be thinking about how do I capitalize on each moment to act out God's wisdom in my thoughts and deeds. That is why I'm happy I did take up the three mile round trip by foot to church. I got this message because I was there to listen to his word and be nourished at his altar.

I'll share you a little is much easier to do this after a peaceful nap though...

-ehw P.S. the photo is from the entrance to Ascension of The Lord Catholic Church in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. Lovely lighting in there!