The right mix

Top of the Falls When one reads about "how to photograph waterfalls" one can come up with a dozen different ideas.  Some people enjoy the smoothed out water that looks like cotton.  Some people like the water drops frozen like ice.  Each conveys the power of the waterfall in different variations and can be beautiful.

Me?  Well I had no tripod on this trip, was forced to shoot in mid-day light, carried a 22 pound toddler on my back, and had my small Fujifilm x20 to work with.  So I went right to the middle and tried to come up with something to take home.

I was slightly envious of two twenty somethings as I unloaded my big vans.  The two young men had two cameras each, carbon fiber tripods and were intent on catching some great locations on the trail and falls.  Meanwhile I loaded up my kids, put the toddler on my back and marched off with my lightest camera.  I knew the science said their big sensors would capture images with far more dynamic range than my little combo would...and the tripods would lock in sharpness I could only dream of.

I did get some keepers by working with what I had, and the conditions in which I was shooting.  I also had the immeasurable joy of watching my children look at a waterfall up close for the first time.  It was a reminder that God gave me what I needed, when I needed it....and it resulted in much more than I would have otherwise thought I could obtain.  I knew I picked up some "cranium chromes" those incredible cameras never could.


PS Fijifilm X20 F3.2 1/140 and ISO 100.  Post in Perfect Effects with a little natural HDR, and contrast adjustment.