Southern Rust Belt

Rusty Railroad Bridge over Southern Georgia Traveling through Southern Georgia is a combination of wonder and sadness.  You see people making a living working hard, and then you see things like this old bridge waiting for time to melt it away from conscientious.  Walking through small St. Mary's I saw two businesses going out of business.  I saw another two dying on the way into town.  On my ride I pulled into a sit down restaurant that I found boarded up in the last two months.  It made me count my blessings to have a job and the ability to feed my family.

Just 100 years ago the measures of a nation's greatness was the amount of steel produced, increased railway track being used, having a budget in the black, and being able to feed itself.  Today...well this poor bridge summed it up.  We just don't seem to be interested in building ad maintaining great achievements anymore.  When all we worry about is splitting up the spoils of others labor, we lose the desire to achieve greatness for ourselves and the nation.

On future trips I hope to get some pictures of the great people I met along the way during my travels.  Those hard working people I've met really are the ones that make my heart sing with delight.  There are rays of hope, their story and spirit just needs to be released for all to see. I hope to make some of those images in the near future