Joy of Creation

Six months ago my family my wife an I intended to take some of the reduced cost of living in Georgia and devote it to music lessons for the children.  Little did we know we'd get a bonus, a complete homeschooling orchestra!  But wait there is one more deal!  A children's choir at church!!

The joy I've watched as my children learn to play and sing goes from my 11-year old through each of the four children down to the baby.  Big sis plays cello for the baby during girl's time.  Kalen is getting serious by asking questions, and in the last few weeks gained a basic understanding of "perfect practice makes perfect."  My youngest son is singing and liking percussion instruments at the introduction class for kindergartners.  Kalen wanted to sing as well, so he joined the children's choir and is growing into the role very well.

The thing I really enjoyed was not just music returning to the home, but the creation of music in the home.

It did get me thinking about what is so special about God.  God created everything including the laws of physics that give us music.  Yet with each new generation born there is no symphony with their name on it until that generation creates it.

Seeing and hearing my children strive and struggle to create music reminded me of our journey towards faith and communion with God.  Each of us struggle with wrong notes, missed codas, taking a note outside of the designated pitch, good days and bad.  Over time, and with great self discipline, we can create professional performances even on our worst days that will inspire.

I am looking forward to seeing their results at a beginning orchestra concert this Friday, after just three short months of work.  On Sunday I will get to see Kalen sing in front of the church, moving out of the family pew on his own spiritual journey as well.

The pride I have must be an fraction of the joy God feels when we create a life and acts moving us towards his plan.

It gives new meaning to the Prodigal Son, and the stories of the sinners turned saints, when you see and hear this creation with your own eyes and ears.  It also reminds me how much further and harder I have to practice my faith to be a good man in God's plan.



PS I hope you like the photo.  I tried to make it as "timeless" as possible.