One Eye at a Time

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During Kalen's Birthday I just wanted a few snapshots of all the children at this milestone.  Something kept nagging me was the desire to make a picture.  One of my podcasting mentors, Scott Bourne, always closes his show with the tag line, "Don't take pictures, make pictures."

He is correct.  Unless you are  a rare bird who is a natural at photography and art you need to think out a picture. It is no different than thinking out this blog post...decide the story you want to tell, then identify the elements in the scene before you, compose and shoot.

For this photo I wanted to shoot something making you want more.  So to do that I photographed a portion of their faces, the eye.  This way you look into their soul just a bit.  I also intended to turn the photo into a Black and White to take away just a portion of reality and let let you focus on their shape and image more than color.

An experiment to be sure, and one of many I hope to share here on my blog.