Divine Mercy Memory


    Today my wife and I had a Sunday afternoon date...to complete our Divine Mercy Novena and Sunday at our church.  While I am still processing all the lessons from the last ten days, I rarely allow myself to miss a nice moment or two with the capture of a frame of electrons, ones and zeros.  The image on the program matches the beauty of the Holy Hour... so I just had to share.

    Jesus I Trust in You!


What We Can Miss


    I was able to enjoy a slightly different dinner Wedensday night....excellent sushi.  The little Ichiban Sushi restaurant was done up just like many a sushi joint I remembered as a child in Japan. In this age of cell phones I found most of us miss out on the little things in our environment.  I this case a traditional Japanese fishing boat right over my head on the window called me to photograph it.  Rather than just photograph it, I took the time to compose and make some art of the image.  It is just something I would miss i i hac not forced myself to enjoy the environment for a minute or two.


Place of Refuge


   Amidst the hustle bustle of Northern Virginia sits little St John the Beloved Catholic Church.  From the outside it appears to be a typical 1950's design of a church, lacking the traditional calling cards.  Walking inside was a surprise.  During adoration Gregorian chants filled the church, the altar was made the centerpiece, and based on the appearance of the cushions all around the sanctuary it it had an altar rail in use at mass for communion.  It was wonderful, and adoration was full of people coming, praying and heading back out into the world.  On my way out I found a wonderful board filled with men and women entering religious life, heading the call of the Lord.  What a way to go forth.

    Sometimes the wrapper just does not tell you what you are really looking at!   Thank you St. John the Beloved.



Missing Pride for our Flag

    As a child I'd never believe one day Americans would have to live in fear about flying the flag of the United States from the own property.  I'd never think there could be a moment of doubt who'd you'd root for in an international sports match.  I'd never believe if someone raised here would tell told me this flag was a symbol of oppression while they spouted socialist tyranny as the way I must live.  In too many ways the world is upside down, mostly from a lack of education rooted in natural law.

  Yes I am missing pride in our flag and the ideals of valor, unity, balancing self interests, and reach for the goal of being one with God it clearly enshrines.